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General pattern recognition in images using WND-CHARM.

Please see our new WND-CHARM Google Code website to download the latest releases, and to access our source code repository, issue tracker, and documentation.

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System Requirements --
  • Recommended Hardware: 2 GB RAM, 10 GB HD space, 2 GHZ CPU. Please be aware that this utility is very computationally intensive. Multiple instances of wndchrm can work concurrently on the same dataset on multi-core/multi-processor CPUs. Simply use the same command line to launch as many instances of wndchrm as there are CPU cores available.
  • Software: GCC compiler must be installed, LibTIFF and FFTW.
  • Wndchrm was tested using Linux (Fedora Core, Red Hat) and MacOS X, but should also run with other Unix and Linux distributions.
    Installation difficulties are expected if Libtool is compiled with a different compiler version than the one used for compiling LibTIFF (this situation is more likely with upgraded operating systems). This problem can be solved by installing a newer gcc version.
For More Information
Ilya Goldberg, Ph.D. igg at nih dot gov
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Updated: April 14, 2009