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  • Tracking stem cell differentiation without biomarkers using pattern recognition and phase contrast imaging. Delaney, J.D., Nakatake, Y., Coletta, C.E., Eckley, D. Mark., Orlov, N.V., Ko, M.S., Goldberg, I.G. (submitted December 2011)
    • AllGenes.tgz - ESC Source Image Library - 5.9GB
      • Tiff images and WND-CHARM signature files for all 56 Murine embryonic stem cell lines conditionally overexpressing {Doxycycline +/-} transcription factors.
    • CuratedGenes.tgz - Experimental data set used in publication - 2.3GB
      • WND-CHARM signature files and corresponding placeholder (empty) tiff files used for WND-CHARM software analysis.
      • - WND-CHARM classifier to identify images containing confluent cells versus images where cells are absent.
      • WND_Com_Cur_42Gene.exp - WND-CHARM experiment file containing experiment configuration, used as input to the WND-CHARM Experiment Automation Perl script
Open Microscopy Environment
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Ilya Goldberg, Ph.D. igg at nih dot gov
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